End of The Month Wrap Up

Wow, where has this month gone? Life goes far too fast when one is a grown-up. 😦

This month I was able to read 27 books! Thanks to the Eugene Public Library, which is such an awesome place to go. I spend way too much time there some days. Here are just a few from my list.  I’ll catch up on reviews someday, I promise. 😀


As far as writing goes it’s been a rough month. I’ve been working on a lot little projects. The beginnings of stories, a story about a Siren, one about a scientist into the future, a play about a woman trapped in a confusing marriage.  Here’s a snippet from my siren story.

I had been dreaming of the water for a week now. I told my mother of it but she only hushed me saying,
“We live in a fishing village, what do you expect?”
But it wasn’t the normal sort of dream, not a recurring theme save that the water called to me. In one dream I was swimming for hours, but I was in the body of large whale. The water was life brushing along my skin, I could feel the gentle push of the waves in my gut and I sang. Alongside me swam other whales, and I could hear them singing as well. In another dream I was a seagull, flying along the coast. The sky was misty, and the salty sea air crashed through my lungs and made me giddy. With a cry of joy I turned three loops in the air and then landed in my nest. There in the rocks other seagulls sat in their cozy nests, when I arrived they looked up and I immediately felt I was home.

And that is all from me. How was your month? What writing did you get done? Any book recommendations for February?



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