August Reading Wrap Up

Reading Wrap Up (2).jpg

So I uh…read a heck ton of books this month. The total comes to 30, which has honestly got to be a record for me. It helped that I was visiting family for a week and because we’re all such nerds we would spends hours just reading in the same room. That counts as family time right? šŸ˜‰Ā  Anyway, here are all the books I read, hope you all enjoy!

1 Star:

Two of these books were from NetGalley, so I was sad that they didn’t work for me. Sourdough was a super bougie and impractical cookbook and that actually kind of pissed me off a little. And I felt bad about not finishing My (not so) Perfect Life, but not only was it boring but the narrator was obnoxious as hell.

2 Stars:

I actually finished The Swing of Things and The Museum of Us, but sadly they were both not great stories and I had some issues with them.Ā  Sourdough was a really strange story and I just couldn’t get into it. And Rejection Proof was just not helpful for me.

3 Stars:Ā 

12 books total in this category, and one of the largest categories like normal. I tried reading The Walking Dead comics at the beginning of the month, but decided by the third one that I liked the TV show better. I finally finished some books I’ve been reading for ages like The Torah and The Poems of Emily Dickinson. I was disappointed that the book on fermenting wasn’t more helpful, but such is life I suppose.

4 Stars:Ā 

My second largest category at 10 books. I was able to read some really fun kid’s lit this month, and I especially enjoyed revisiting Amelia Bedelia. I also read a couple of fantastic cookbooks, I loved Salad for Dinner and Tarot of Cocktails.

Sadly I didn’t have any five star books this month, which is getting to be fairly normal for me. Sometimes I worry that I’m too harsh with my ratings, but who knows. I did really enjoy getting to read so much this month. I had more books that I liked than those that I didn’t like, and in the end that’s all that matters to me!

If you have a wrap up post be sure to leave a link in the comments so I can see what you read this month!Ā 


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